Jun 8, 2022

A New Staples Program for Maria’s Family

Maria’s kids were just little—a newborn and toddler—when she was laid off from her job. Unable to find employment, Maria didn’t have enough money to pay rent and buy food for her family, so she started visiting her local food bank. 

“The first time I came to the food bank was a new experience,” says Maria. “I’d never had to rely on these services before and I thought it would be a difficult experience. But the staff were very welcoming and friendly, and they didn’t make me feel like it was something to be embarrassed about.” 

With grocery prices rising 6.7% since January 2021—the highest hike in 10 years—many families in our neighbourhoods can’t afford to buy their “staples” at the grocery store and rely on food banks to make ends meet.  

Last year, there were 1.45 million visits to food banks in Toronto – the highest number ever recorded in the city’s history – and sadly, nearly a third of food bank visits are children and youth.  

As part of Daily Bread Food Bank’s Rights-Based approach to food, we have started a new staples program to help Maria, and the thousands of families and individuals in our city, who are experiencing food insecurity. Based on updated recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide, this program ensures that essential food items like eggs, lean meats, fresh produce, lentils, and rice – foods our clients request the most – are always available.   

“If you visit a food bank, it’s not because you want to, it’s because you need to, either to live or support your family. I am so grateful for the support I have been able to receive.”  

Food is a human right, and no one should face barriers to accessing the food they need to thrive. Your support of Daily Bread will make a direct impact in the lives of thousands of families experiencing food insecurity. 

Click here to get involved and help ensure everyone in our city can access the food they need.   

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