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January 18, 2021

Food banks play an important role in meeting the immediate needs of people experiencing hunger in Toronto. But food banks don’t address the root causes of food insecurity. This is why our Research & Advocacy department works to effect systemic change by advancing solutions based on the experiences of food bank clients.

We know from our research, for example, that unaffordable housing and low social assistance rates create and perpetuate food insecurity, particularly within marginalized communities. We use this research in our work collaborating with partners and coalitions to advocate for long-lasting policy change that addresses the root causes of food insecurity and poverty.

In order to effect meaningful change, our team has a set of principles that guide our advocacy work:

  • Non-partisan: We work with all official political parties to accomplish our shared goal of ending poverty and food insecurity.
  • Rights-based: We believe food is a human right and we advocate to ensure this right is realized.
  • Grounded in research and lived experience: Our advocacy is informed by research evidence and by the voices of people experiencing poverty and food insecurity.
  • Connective: We seek to build relationships and act as a bridge between stakeholders.
  • Focused and intentional: We focus on maximizing impact for food bank clients and creating systemic change.
  • Accountable: Our advocacy holds both government and ourselves accountable to clients, member agencies, donors, volunteers, and the public.

Click below to explore our advocacy areas of focus:

  1. Tackling Deep Poverty
  2. Housing Affordability
  3. Economic and Social Resiliency
  4. Food Access

To read our policy submissions at the federal, provincial, and municipal level, click here.

Together, by writing to elected officials and advocating for systemic change, we can work to eliminate deep poverty, achieve affordable housing for all, and ensure that everyone’s right to food is realized.

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