Nov 17, 2022

Help Families Like Grace’s this Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here, and while many are choosing perfect gifts for loved ones, deciding what to serve at celebrations with friends, and planning special meals with family, neighbours like Grace will face far more difficult decisions.

Grace is a single mother and grandmother living with a disability. The ongoing impact of the pandemic coupled with rising food, transportation, and living costs have made it even more challenging for her to make ends meet.

Every month, Grace struggles to buy groceries for her family, pay the rent, and purchase other basic needs. “This is not a choice. You don’t choose to be poor. You don’t choose not to be able to afford [food] or rent”

Grace is grateful for the service the food bank offers. Without it, she would not be able to provide the proper nutrition her children need to thrive and be successful in school.

“The food bank is trying to help people in the ways that they need to be helped. It makes a tremendous difference. I would not be able to afford to live otherwise. Maybe my kids would starve.”

Sadly, Grace is not alone.

In the last 12 months, Toronto food banks saw 1.99 million visits. Sadly, that demand is projected to push past that to over two million for the 2022 calendar year.   The unprecedented need will continue this season. In fact, to ensure there is enough healthy food for everyone who visits the food bank, Daily Bread will need to purchase even more food to fill the gap.

We need your help, to ensure that families like Grace’s can access the food they need.

Click here to give generously today. 

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