Sep 1, 2023

Hunger Action Month

September marks Hunger Action Month, a nationwide campaign dedicated to raising awareness about hunger and sparking change in our communities.  

Food is a basic human right, not a privilege. No one should go hungry or face barriers to accessing food. Yet, food bank usage has reached unprecedented rates – with visits across Toronto increasing by nearly 42% in 2022 compared to the year prior. Although the numbers are grim, there is a path forward. The solutions to food insecurity lie in adequate income supports, affordable housing, and decent work. Through collective effort we can work to support and advocate for solutions to ending food insecurity and poverty.

In recognition of Hunger Action Month, we wanted to share 10 ways of taking action:

  1. Take action: Join food banks across the province in advocating for change. Send a message directly to your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) to stop clawbacks on social assistance.
  2. Get informed: The Research and Advocacy team at Daily Bread works to provide a series of reports, not only to illustrate the strain faced by food bank clients but also to inform advocacy efforts to government on the issues that matter most to clients.
  3. Share your experience to help advocate for change: By sharing your own experience as a food bank client through the Click/Hear program, you can help the Daily Bread Research and Advocacy team push policymakers and help the public understand the needs people face when they rely on a food bank.
  4. Volunteer: Whether as an individual or in a group setting, volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to support Daily Bread’s day-to-day operations and help make a difference in the community.
  5. Become a Community Champion: The Community Champion program allows you to rally your network and organize your own fundraising campaign to collect food or funds, with resources and support from Daily Bread.
  6. Become a corporate partner with your organization: Corporate partnerships are a great way to create unique opportunities to engage employees and increase brand awareness, all while making a positive community impact.
  7. Attend a community event: There are plenty of events taking place across the city throughout the year, that provide attendees with opportunities to give back, and help ensure that everyone can access the nutritious food they need.
  8. Make a donation or give in memory: If you would like to provide your financial support, there are a few opportunities available that allow you to give back and provide your support those experiencing food insecurity.
  9. Give food: Whether in the form of a corporate food donation, a public food donation, or a farm donation, your surplus food or produce can help support your neighbours.
  10. Participate on social media: If you participate in any of the actions above, share it on social media with the hashtag, #HungerActionMonth, and tag Daily Bread Food Bank. We hope to see what you have been up to in support of the mission to end hunger.
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