Jun 24, 2019

Volunteer Spotlight: The Fung Family

The Fung family, Boniface and Maggie along with their two daughters, Natalie and Julie, began volunteering with Daily Bread Food Bank in 2015 and quickly became familiar faces at our seasonal Public Food Sorts. In addition to their regular volunteer efforts, the Fung family also promotes Daily Bread’s mission to end hunger in Toronto by rallying friends, family members, and teachers along the way!

This year, the Fung family will be volunteering in a different capacity, at our Summer Produce Markets, which bring fresh, nutritious produce to under-served areas in Scarborough and North Etobicoke. Boniface and Maggie are excited about this opportunity and view it as a way to see first-hand the end-delivery of Daily Bread’s services and immediate impact:

“You recognize by going to these different pockets of the city, that there are neighbourhoods where poverty is exacerbated. By showing up to these locations and setting up a market space filled with nutritious produce, you are showing individuals that you acknowledge their struggles and want to help”.  

Boniface commented on how this process has an impact on his children: “The markets are a good opportunity for my kids to put a face to people who are experiencing poverty. [The clients] could potentially be someone I see at the store on a regular basis, or one of my daughter’s classmates – you are able to get a clearer sense of how people are silently struggling in the city“.

Natalie, Boniface and Maggie’s youngest daughter also commented: “Sometimes we get into our own lives, and we don’t look at what’s happening in the world around us, we only focus on our needs, and don’t understand that others’ lives depend on food banks. It’s important that we all help out in any way that we can”.

At Daily Bread, we are so grateful to our committed volunteers like the Fung family, as their help and enthusiasm to ending hunger has become a holiday tradition not only for their family, but for many first timers they have recruited along the way!

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